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With great ambition we established “Ethnic, house commodities Ltd.”, a trading company that engages with the distribution of commodities that we import to Greece from abroad. Our products are known for their strong and unique characteristics of their countries’ origins and traditions they embody, as well as for the high styling and quality standards they meet. Our activities so far are focused on the importing of smaller and larger sized furniture, decoratives, handicrafts, and a wide variety of ceramics and pottery suitable for home, office as well as for banquet and hotel rooms that wish to present and demonstrate a unique style. Most of our products come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil and Peru.

All of our items are made out of genuinely natural materials. As far as it concerns our furniture, it is worth mentioning that the very final stages of their processing take place in Greece, achieving perfect quality and aesthetic results.

The keen interest we receive from our customers about our products, proves our efforts towards maintaining a wide variety of high quality products.



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